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    September 20 - 22, 2016

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    Industry leaders, Executives, Creatives, Innovators, Startup Founders, and Investors


    Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 is one of the most...well, CELEBRATED tech events of the year for entrepreneurs and tech professionals everywhere, being held in San Jose, California. Join us as we take you on a journey filled with epic office hours, mentor sessions, workshops, coaching, celebrity judges, stellar keynotes, industry panels and more. Oh, and we've thrown in a little fun with several networking events and excursions.

    Epic Office Hours

    1-on-1 meetings with high profile investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and startup experts

    Duration: 25 minutes


    Our 1-on-1 sessions last for 25 minutes and offer an exciting opportunity to interact directly with a tech leader, advisor, startup coach or investor.


    Mentor Sessions

    Small groups of 8-10 attendees joined by mentors who will lead each session

    Duration: 50 minutes


    Back by popular demand! Mentor Sessions are a great way to collaborate with a small group of entrepreneurs, engage with thought-leaders in tech and gather feedback on your next big idea!


    Industry Panels

    Hear from industry experts as they lead conversations that will leave you inspired

    Duration: 25 minutes


    Don't miss our inspiring and captivating industry panels, covering topics from funding to collaboration, growth hacking and how to keep your team focused through every stage of growth.


    Engaging, interactive workshops offering practical advice and the tools to navigate your startup journey

    Duration: 50 minutes


    Learn from industry experts and executive coaches on how to deliver on intended results, create great customer experiences, finding success in failure and celebrate the startup journey.


    Exciting, fun-filled adventures in and around the Silicon Valley area

    Duration: 30 minutes - 2 hours


    Enjoy a variety of fun activities in the area before the conference so you can get to know Silicon Valley and your fellow attendees in a relaxed environment.


  • SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2016 | SAN JOSE, CA


    Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 is a 3-day journey and tech conference being held in San Jose, California. Attendees will learn, discover and engage directly with advisors, coaches, influencers, investors, startup experts, founders and more industry thought leaders.



    In its 4th year, Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 is a lively mix of startup founders, entrepreneurs, educators and technophiles from around the world coming together to celebrate entrepreneurship. Participants will enjoy workshops, mentor office hours and pitch practice and hear from tech industry leaders. Attendees will gain new tools, resources, knowledge, connections and friends.

    Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 will also host the finals of the 2016 global startup competition to name Tech.Co’s Startup of the Year. Startups Apply Today



    Tony Hsieh

    CEO, Zappos

    Kara Goldin

    Founder & CEO, Hint

    John B. Rogers, Jr.

    Co-founder & CEO, Local Motors

    Danielle Morrill

    Cofounder & CEO, Mattermark

    Jermaine Dupri

    CEO, So So Def Recordings/Global 14

    Jason Putorti

    Cofounder, Brigade Media

    Elizabeth Yin

    Partner, 500 Startups

    ​Nima Etminan

    VP of Operations, EMPIRE Distribution

    John Fein

    Managing Director, Techstars

    Bradley C. Harrison

    Founder & Managing Partner, Scout Ventures

    Sneha Menon

    Startup Advocate, PayPal/Braintree

    Jodie Sweitzer

    Head of Startup Recruiting, Dreamit

    Rob Pegoraro

    Columnist, Yahoo Tech

    Matt Hunckler

    Founder, Verge

    Gretchen West

    Senior Advisor for Innovation and Technology at Hogan Lovells US LLP

    Melinda Briana Epler

    Founder & CEO, Change Catalyst

    Corrado Tomassoni

    Global Director of Startups, Accelerators and VCs at PayPal & Braintree

    David Hauser

    Co-founder & CEO, Grasshopper

    Gerome Sapp

    Co-Founder & CEO, PEAQ Labs, Inc

    Erica Duignan Minnihan

    Head of Deal Flow, Onevest

    Nabyl Charania

    CEO and Founder of Rokk3r Labs

    Frank Gruber

    Cofounder & CEO, Tech.Co

    Chance Barnett

    Founder & CEO, Crowdfunder.com

    Susan Cooney

    Founder, Givelocity & Startup Coach

    Gabriella Draney Zielke

    Cofounder and CEO, Tech Wildcatters

    Lauren Zeien 

    VP of Programing, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center

    Derek Andersen

    Founder & CEO, Startup Grind

    Don Dodge

    Developer Advocate, Google

    Andrew Warner

    Founder, Mixergy.com

    Sara Hill

    Cofounder & CEO, The Mill

    Mayor Carolyn Goodman

    Mayor, Las Vegas

    Maria Thomas

    Chief Consumer Officer & CMO, SmartThings

    Former CEO, Etsy

    Justin Woo

    Developer Evangelist, PayPal

    Jeff O'Hara

    Cofounder, Edmodo

    Sarah Evans

    Digital Correspondant, Sevans Strategy 

    Heather Wilde

    Unicorn Whisperer & CTO, ROCeteer 

    Greg Tehven

    Co-founder, Emerging Prairie

    Kimberly Guiry

    Happiness Astronaut, ROCeteer

    Jimmy Jacobson

    Cofounder & CTO, Wedgies

    Hartej Singh Sawhney

    CEO & Co-Founder, Zuldi


    Tech.Co (formerly Tech Cocktail) travels the world hosting regional Startup of the Year Competitions & Mixers and Online Competitions, to find the worlds most innovative startups. The best startups from each competition will join us at Celebrate 2016 to compete for the top spot, and for a chance to be named Tech.Co's Startup of the Year!


    Startups Apply Today






    These startups were part of the Celebrate 2015 competition. 


    BlenDenver, CO | Prima-Temp
    Los Angeles, CA | Mobile Therapy/Self Echo
    Little Rock, AR | bfonics, Inc. & PBX
    Miami, FL | YouRoam
    Tampa Bay, FL | ViralStyle & CitySleekers
    Philadelphia, PA | ROAR for Good & Bestimators
    Dallas, TX | HedgeChatter & HipPocket
    Pittsburgh, PA | Seekahoo, Inc, StreamMe, & Srvd
    Memphis,TN | Ncrease, GemPhones & 6Figure
    Boston, MA | zakipoint health & CallRed

    Washington, DC | True Made Foods & Javazen & Split & MyDealerOnline & Trustify & ImmoKonect

    San Francisco, CA | Room.Me & Next User & FutureGift & Blendoor

    New York, NY | Boomset & Yorango

    Baltimore, MD | Mooki & Sonavex

    Las Vegas, NV | IndiCard & Drive Safe Mode

    Miami, FL | LiveAnswer & Tracks

    Chicago, IL | Caysh, Dabble, Knowledge Hound, TurboAppeal

    Southeast Virginia, VI | FeedbacK Enterprise & NASONI

    Online - Northern Region | backstitchKeepe, & SweetBio

    Online - International Region | Brakers Early Warning SystemsiStaging, & Suncayr

    Online - Southern Region | Breastfeeding Help @ HomePrempoint Inc., & TEQ Charging, Inc.

    Online - Western Region | Picking Duck & People Spread

    Online - Austin | Peeptrade & Xyber Technologies

    Online - Chicago | BeyondTag Inc.  &  Screenom Inc

    Online - Fargo | Botlink & Sky Blue Technology

    Online - New York City | DogStar Life & Grovo



    2015 Tech.Co Startup of the Year


    San Francisco, CA


    A blind recruiting app that facilitates job matching based on merit, not molds.


    HIS Energy

    2014 Tech Cocktail Celebrate Startup of the Year

    Hampton, VA


    Eliminating the cost and logistics associated with changing batteries in remotely located sensors. 


    Maxwell Health

    2013 Tech Cocktail Celebrate Startup of the Year

    Boston, MA


    The future of benefits.




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